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55+ Directory

Our new study, Who’s At The PrimeTime Table: Race, Sex, Age Matter, documents that the three major cable news networks have an abysmal track record of including Black women in their coveted primetime lineup. Older Black women are most erased from the picture. The PrimeTime 55+ Directory is our best response. It showcases 55+ Black women experts and thought leaders versed in electoral politics, the economy, business development, labor, the law, civil rights, philanthropy, public health, literature and the media.

Marita Golden.png

Marita Golden

Writer, Literary Consultant, Creative Writing Coach

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Susan L. Taylor 2.png

Susan L. Taylor
Editor, Writer 

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Laura W. Murphy head shot.jpg

Laura W. Murphy
Corporate and public policy expert 

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A'Lelia Bundles .jpg

A’Lelia Bundles

Author, Biographer

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Donna Brazile.jpeg

Donna Brazile

Author, Political Analyst, Political Contributor

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Mary Frances Berry_edited.jpg

Mary Frances Berry
Professor of History and Africana Studies 

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Martha S. Jones.png

Martha S. Jones
Historian, Author, Lecturer, Commentator 

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Makani Themba 2.jpg

Makani Themba

Writer, Organizer, Change Communications Strategist

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Elizabeth D White.png

Elizabeth White

Author, Aging Solutions Advocate

Joia Nuri .png

Joia Nuri
Executive Leadership and Public Speaking Coach 

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Julianne Malveaux.png

Julianne Malveaux
Economist, Author, Educator, Commentator

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Lisa Ranson.png

Lisa Ransom

Government Affairs

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Elsie Scott.png

Elsie Scott

Nonprofit and public sector manager

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Diane McKinney.jpg

Diane McKinney Whetstone
Writer, Author 

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Donna Edwards.png

Donna F. Edwards

Philanthropic Advisor, Contributing Columnist, Political Analyst

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